Studio One, 1 year later: how my workflow has changed


Keyboard Shortcuts For The Win

  • <.> → show/hide mixing console
  • <-> → rewind
  • <q/w>, shift+<q/w> → zoom in/out, horizontally/vertically
  • shift+<a> → arm all
  • <0> → stop
  • and a lot of more common ones, I guess, to un/solo, un/arm, un/mute a track, to play/pause with <space bar>, create a track with <t>, duplicated with <d>, etc.

Bye, Faderport; Hi, Console1

Softube Console1 controller and software interface.

Favorite plugins


The project view

The project page (source: SoundOnSound)

Conclusion: no way back



Electronic Music Producer, founder of Jikken Records.

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